Treat your diffuser with care and it will provide you with months of gorgeous scent you can control.

The laws of physics apply with diffusers. One diffuser in a tiny space with all 8 fresh reeds may well seem overwhelming. So, it is simple, reduce the number of reeds!  

In a large room you will need more reeds to diffuse the aroma.  

Also, because the diffusers last so long, the reeds will eventually suffer from channel blockage. This is unavoidable as little dust particles adhere to the oil in the channels and eventually block them. We recommend flipping your reeds once a week and changing them at least every two months.  This will ensure you get months and months of fabulous aroma from your organic diffuser,

Keep your diffuser away from radiators, open fires and other heat sources and drafts to prolong its life and enhance the scent.

Enjoy! x