Organic, Handmade, Luxurious, Natural Home Fragrance and Bath Products. 

As a doctor and mother of five I was searching for safety and quality.

After my twin girls were born, and already having three small boys, I wanted to make my home  fresh and inviting and bath time gorgeous but safe. With this in mind, and not wanting to introduce artificial chemicals into the house,  I searched the market for home fragrance and bath products that really were natural and organic. 

What I found was that most of the commercial products that marketed themselves as organic , were actually not organic at all! 

You cannot trust packaging.

Every product researched, even those marketed for babies and children were full of artificial nasties but with a token organic essential oil to legitimise their label and 'organic' branding. They were beautiful bottles and smelt lovely but I couldn't trust they were safe. I was so disappointed in what I found I decided to create my own using only organic and essential oils.  

The elm pure organics philosophy.

And so the idea of elm pure organics was born. Named after the farm I grew up in, and meaning exactly what was described,  all our products are hand blended fresh, at home using only natural ingredients and essential oils of the highest quality and purity, all Soil Association approved organic.  And in addition to being safe, and eco-friendly, they look beautiful and smell beautiful too.

We currently sell beautiful natural organic reed diffusers, organic home fragrance room sprays, organic bath oil and organic bath salts.   Beautiful scents, beautifully packaged, safe, eco friendly but gorgeous.

For your reassurance.

Our suppliers  trade fairly, and are environmentally responsible.
We source locally wherever possible.
We use 100% pure organic essential oils.
It goes without saying we never use phthalates, parabens, artificial fragrance, colours or preservatives in an elm product.
All our products are suitable for vegans.

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